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If you feel called to enter a 3-6 months long container with Avatara to dive deep into your process and immerse into profound integration , send a message to receive a questionnaire to see if there is resonance to move further. Although Avatara offers single sessions, continuous mirroring/guidance is far more powerful. If the questionnaire is returned and there is resonance, a consultation call with be scheduled.

Having experienced both sides of the coin, Avatara offers guidance to those on an ascension path diving deep into DNA coding and sequencing, subtle bodies, sub/un-conscious mind to retrieve fragmented aspects of the energetic bodies and reintegrate all into wholeness. 


Please only come for guidance when ready to move beyond your human identity. The prerequisite to entering a container of embodied transformation is having at least one dark night of the soul experience/initiation into the purgatory.



Got your message! I will get back to you in 24-48 hours

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