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A private session with Avatara Ananda is a mirroring process in which ascension journey may be freely discussed, energy fields and inner grid structures scanned and upgraded where so called upon. Depending on your unique process, light language may come through in order to signal the inner blueprint held within the light body. This, in a way, is a process of activating light codes that are dormant within own being. 

Avatara does not offer entity removal but rather guides one to own mastery in facing/neutralizing negative influences. Commands may be voiced as a part of training through mirror neurons communication. 

The container is consecrated in the eternal now moment and all that comes up is to be faced within the now although guidance is provided for practice in the linear future 

Avatara does not suggest direct healing through own influence upon an other but rather holds space and brings in the codes for healing to take place as a result of ability to openly receive. A master holds up a mirror for one to see own refection. 

Where appropriate,  guidance on embodiment practices are provided. Guidance is based on Avatara's own lived experience and is geared toward unlocking the receiver's  own self realized inner technology held within the blueprint of the light body. 

Avatara's work is devoted to the embodiment of the Hieros Gamos, it is sometimes referred to as the "twin flame union". The union takes place within. All takes place within the eternal NOW. Sessions are devoted to the inner union with source upon which a genuine divine compliment may be identified in the external holographic reality.

The prerequisite to working with Avatara is a lived experience of the dark night of the soul as it in many cases unlocks the process of physical ascension. When the experience of separation consciousness is illuminated through discomfort, one is initiated onto the path of unity.



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