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Mechanics of Existence is founded by Avatara Ananda. Avatara has undergone an awakening followed by series of initiations into various paradigms of thought/belief systems/technologies for awakening and self realization along with extensive dark arts training that enabled recognition of false light templating circulating the spiritual teachings and recognition of negatively oriented forces involved in the development and maintenance of the collective consciousness currently occupying Earth's planetary sphere.


Initiated through multiple dark nights of the soul weaved into the purgatory bandwidths between the third dimension and dimensions of greater light saturation, Avatara is able to offer guidance to those undergoing an ascension journey by sharing own lived experience through extensive data sourced through dedicated studies of various technologies of ascension and their direct/tested application. 


Embodiment and the purgatory cycles happen simultaneously as  with each clearing of separation (fragmented) consciousness, space is created for the living light to come in. Avatara's work and soul purpose is to guide those on a genuine ascension path through the process of embodiment which in turn pours light into the collective consciousness and assists the repair in the architecture of the planetary energy grids. 

Having experienced both sides of the coin, Avatara offers guidance to those on an ascension path diving deep into DNA coding and sequencing, subtle bodies, sub/un-conscious mind to retrieve fragmented aspects of the energetic bodies and reintegrate all into wholeness. 


Please only come for guidance when ready to move beyond your human identity. The prerequisite to entering a quantum field of embodied transformation is having had at least one dark night of the soul experience/initiation into the purgatory.

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