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Walking the earth as an Empath, tips on mastering your abilities

Greetings, fellow empaths! Now that we have successfully landed here on earth, we've got some things to figure out. For example, how to maneuver through the not so pleasant situations involving being around, and tuning into things like pain, shame, guilt, anger, aggression, neurosis, psychosis, jealousy and other low vibrational energies that are floating around within the collective field of "semi-awareness". We are finely attuned, highly intuitive instruments that process environments, information, interactions by feeling through it.

Great super power we've got going on here, don't we? Are you smirking right now? :-)

Lets understand what's really the deal with us and how to activate our super powers and apply them for the good of ourselves and all involved, rather than having these powers backfire and turn on us producing grief, suffering and the rest of the "not so desirable" situations.

Lets start off by understanding that the reason why we are so intuitive, sensitive and, lets face it...highly intelligent, is because our energy centers (chakras) are more attuned and expanded, our DNA has more code-ons active than non empaths. In essence all living beings are meant to be highly empathic, so that we could feel the oneness and be in tune with nature and each other. However, due to the nature of the experience we are collectively in, which is duality and separation, the emotional, higher perceptional systems have been deactivated in majority of population, causing humans to stroll around numb, robotic and ever so slightly dazed and confused, hurting one an other without the ability to feel each other's pain. Chaos my friends, it is chaos.

Now, back to us. So we are activated, tuned in, feel everything, sense energies, are at times an emotional mess or a masterpiece of an artist... Brilliant creator or a not so brilliant destroyer of ourselves. Hey....we are made in the image of god, aren't we? Both creation and destruction. Yin and Yang. We are walking together, neutralizing distortions in our perception of GOD. Now we get to locate the remote control to it all, choose what it is we are open to feeling or rather not be feeling.

Its all about the direction of our energy, focus and attention. See, we are intense focusers and we unwrap the vibrations we are picking up from our environments and experience them sometimes, on an archetype level (intense cases) meaning deep to the core of the perception, coded within those vibrations. Everything we tune into, we process intuitively, we feel though it. Ok great, we all know this by now, what's new? Well, to balance out this situation, we must activate our contracting, logical, intellectual systems and utilize these in unison with our expanded, empathic abilities. See, there is a way to reach neutrality. The key is in "detachment" First we intellectualize and understand that what is happening around us is a part of the process and by feeling terrible about it and feeling all the pain of the collective consciousness, we really aren't fully able to materialize substantial change/shift. We must reach the state of neutrality in order to really stand in our power and use our abilities in a way that will produce some extraordinary results.

Now onto the solutions. What shall we do here?

*Physical exercise! Activate those muscles! Dopamine is highly useful in buffering the grief factor associated with feeling environmental "noise" It also activates logic, because it balances out the feminine/masculine aspects. It creates more drive, logical, analytical abilities and directs dopamine to prefrontal cortex (parasympathetic, active response) as opposed to anterior insula (emotional, sympathetic response) So please get to working out. Especially if you do not want to :-) Just do it!

*Cold shower in the morning. Again, helps with settling emotions and creates drive for action rather than internal processing. Women, please wear shorts that cover the thighs while taking a cold shower, because the femur bone is highly sensitive to temperature changes and is important for Calcium/magnesium balancing in the body. Cold showers will change your life!

*CHOOSE your environments, change whatever needs to be changed in your life in order for you to be in environments that aren't toxic for your existence

*CHOOSE what you are tuning into, paying attention to, watching, focusing on. You know you'll decode everything 10 times fold, you superhuman

*CHOOSE who you are interacting with. I know I know, easier said than done. But this is where we practice acceptance, detachment, honoring of other's path as different from our own. Walking away from anyone toxic should be a choice based on self respect and self love

*You are in a hologram, you know this by now.....right?

Hologram responds to voice commands. Thats why speak with awareness. Your magnetism and power of manifestation is amplified, so please use it wisely. If you tune into a perception you rather not process, voice command "collapse the timeline" Firmly...say it firmly. Then right away tune into something else, completely irrelevant to what you were tuned into moments ago. Tune into the sky, the birds, music, scent (essential oils should be in your vicinity at all times, where possible), recite mantra of your choice, listen to 528hz or 432hz frequencies (lots available online....everywhere) you get the point. Go where there is joy and peace.

Cheers! You got this!

Avatara Anand

Artwork by the incredible Cameron Grey

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