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From heartbreak to empowered transformation

Heartbreak can be devastating on an individual. Deep depression with elements of self rejection, sorrow, low energy, anxiety, anger, mental exhaustion, even low physical strength and health declines are all possible outcomes of the experience.

To heal and rise transformed, there are few key elements to fuse together that escalade and catalyze the healing process. Lets look at this from an elevated perspective

1. The pain we are experiencing is from the opening of the wounds that exist within our genetics. Our consciousness consists of genetic "memories" that formed during the "collective human experience" for thousands of years here, on Planet Earth. When we experience pain, we have an opportunity to heal deep, ancestral lineage wounds (energetic imprints on the DNA) When successfully transmuted, a new, higher levels of intellect, compassion, joy and internal wealth emerges. The golden doors are just on the other side of the dark, cold tunnel of self reflection)

2. Taking back the power over our lives seeds within the understanding that what "others" do to us is merely a reflection of an internal process of our own polarities, Where are we not fully honoring ourselves? Where are we abandoning ourselves? Where are we lying to ourselves? How are we not enough for ourselves? What insecurities do we carry within that were brought up to the surface by the mirror (an other person) Great deal of liberation is possible here in the self reflective stages. There is an opportunity to turn the "poison into medicine". Its is a matter of choice.

3. People only treat one an other the way we treat ourselves. One cannot give love to an other that they do not have for themselves, One can only honor an other the way one honors themselves. One can only see in an other what they see in themselves. One can only understand life and ethics based on their consciousness level. Based on these truths, we may assume that taking something personally is a flawed way of processing experiences. Forgiveness is an internal process of realizing that nothing should be taken personally.

4. Honoring an other's path as different from ours, is a way of higher intelligence and honoring of the divine free will. This concept is very liberating once integrated. At this point, honor of our own selves, our chosen paths integrates within our being-ness, which opens up incredible doors

5. During the experience of a heartbreak, emotions overflow. Crying them out, screaming them out (not on others) is helpful for their release. Cold shower in the morning helps calm the emotions. Adaptogenic herbs help the nervous system support during the intensities. Calming herbs, essential oils and breathing techniques are all helpful to relax and center.

6. Yoga, physical activities such as sports, dancing, working out, lifting weights etc are all very helpful for energy balancing and soothing the emotions. Physical activity produces natural pleasure chemical "endorphin" that elevates the mood. Levels of "dopamine" may also increase with the focused intention for forward movement in life (new goals and inspirations)

7. Channeling the pain in to artistic expression such writing, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, making music, all sorts of craft, art, projects..... Thats when magic reveals itself. Pain is what makes an artist extraordinary, for it unlocks depths of the soul previously unexperienced. Pain is an opportunity for an alchemical transmutation and transformation to be learned and applied on new levels. Hello fellow alchemists! You got this and you know it :-)

8. MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! Find moments to dissolve into good, uplifting, soothing, inspiring music.

9. Nothing is permanent, nothing is eternal but eternity itself. Pain is only a tunnel to a temple of unconditional love and illumination of consciousness, if only we see an opportunity in it.

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