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Honoring "The freedom of choice"

Humanity has developed a rather toxic relationship with the free will. An individual who hasn’t done tremendous amount of work on the inner psyche seizes to recognize that others have the full freedom to experience what they choose to experience. Partially conscious humans have an engrained false understanding that one can influence an other’s behavioral patterns by rather aggressive approach for information delivery such as arguments, putting down, openly and persistently judging one an other with the goal of “changing” an other’s beliefs, thoughts and actions. Aside from the necessary aspect of crime, violence and terror prevention, it is wise to allow each other the freedom of choices in their own lives. At times the intention towards a person (people) is pure (from a standpoint of the approacher) Even in this case, persistently imposing the opinions, suggestions and judgments on an individual is counterproductive to the pure intention of benefiting the individual. If we reference the studies of advanced psychology paired with philosophical and neuro-scientific approach, it is evident that the information is processed based on willingness of an individual to accept it. Best way to deliver information is by offering it in a neutral, non imposing way while remaining unattached to the outcome of the energy exchange (communication) and choosing to either participate in a communication or stepping of out of it while honoring all parties involved. Even when we are attempting to “help someone” or “rescue someone” without them asking for it, it produces a reaction opposite to appreciation. Attempting to change an individuals mind, is the giving away of one’s power for a free choice as well. Accepting each other as we are, and choosing the people to communicate with based on vibrational match is the new way of being in the fifth dimensional bandwidth of consciousness.

The third dimensional, aggressive approach to existence is winding up the last bits of its spiral to be perished into the abyss of universal transmutation.

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