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The nature of energy exchange

It is outmost important to understand how energy transfer works between all living beings. We all have an electro magnetic field around us often referred to as #aura. When two or more auras come in contact with each other the process of frequency calibration takes places, unless an individual mastered the sealing and strengthening of the magnetic field. The result is a frequency exchange and its integration within the communicating fields. We pick up emotional debris during contact with lower vibrational beings that operate mostly from fear and consumption resulting in discomfort ranging from slight to severe, escalating to physical illness and depression in some cases. The ways of frequency exchange is direct eye contact, conversation, touch, and most potent exchange and calibration is sexual interaction, which literally forms energetic connections (cords) between chakras. Much like the behavior of atoms, the two beings are then connected and the energy exchange continues long after the sexual interaction ends. We literally become aligned with vibration and consciousness level of people we interact with. It's important for a being who chose a certain path and direction in life to be wise about who enters their field, and with whom the direct communication, sexual interaction takes place, which really is a sacred spiritual experience, a choice to become one with an other.

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