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Some of us, during this lifetime align with our matching opposite polarities (referred to as twin flames) Only those who are experiencing this kind of connection understand how different it is from any other relationships formats. The intensity of it goes both ways, with highest highs and lowest lows. This kind of connection turns one's life up side down and great spiritual transformation is the result of it. Whether the person in the connection is the polar opposite of your soul (soul polarizes upon incarnation, since our realm is that in which we get to experience separation) or a very close karmic partner, the connection is very hard to navigate. I found the connection ultimately teaches "detachment" The key to understand is that the goal of this experience is "self realization" During our session we will reflect on who and why runs from an other, the power struggle, blocks, pains, identify attachments and direct awareness inwards for the sake of becoming whole and complete. The session is around 40 minutes 

Twin Flame journey guidance

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