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Greetings and welcome to Mechanics of Existence. This quantum space has been consecrated for the purpose of remembrance and embodiment of Unity Consciousness. 

Such remembrance is a path of bringing fragments of separation consciousness to awareness, to be observed, illuminated, witnessed and dissolved from within. Unity consciousness is a merge of infinite intelligence and the living light of awareness.  Such remembrance is referred to as "ascension"

Ascension is a process that occurs after initial awakening to existence of intelligence beyond what it seen/felt/experienced in the realm of matter. Genuine ascension is an immense process that requires absolute full presence and devotion to purity.


Physical ascension is an embodiment of the soul essence through the process of dissolving separation consciousness held by the emotional, mental and physical bodies, it is a process of re-coding the DNA so that it can hold the living plasmic light of the soul. Physical ascension is a process of creating space within own being that is to be filled with the essence of the soul. For the majority of incarnates on an ascension timeline the process is immensely uncomfortable as the ego consciousness is illuminated/obliterated by the light codes. Dualistic/linear consciousness held within the DNA and all cellular memories of all aspects of the physical being are very challenging to illuminate, feel and experience as the living light floods the being as a result of elevating vibration to the point of penetrating dimensions of greater density of light. The embodiment process calls for loving presence/neutrality and observation during the clearing of lower consciousness that happens in waves, deeper with each expanded capacity to hold living light. The process happens on a cellular level, then subatomic, all the way to the co-responding bandwidths and paradigms of collective quantum fields of consciousness that co-respond with consciousness held within. Ascension while in form involves neutralizing duality that transpires in relation to various consciousness constructs residing within the quantum fields and paradigms of collective memory complex with it's numerous parallels and phantoms.

Initiates on the path of ascension oftentimes undergo dark arts training for the purpose of recognition of separation consciousness and ability to navigate the fields that exist in collective realities. This training is to enable the safe embodiment of greater levels of the soul's living light codes. 

All that is shared in this container comes from direct lived experience of Avatara Ananda .








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